Can Plantar Fasciitis Exercises Relieve Your Pain?

Can Plantar Fasciitis Exercises Relieve Your Pain?

Plantar fasciitis is a very painful foot condition that occurs as a result of repetitive strain or injury. The plantar fascia is a thick band of tissue that runs along the bottom of your foot and supports your foot’s arch. Some people with plantar fasciitis also develop bony growths called bone spurs. It commonly develops in athletes, or those who stand for prolonged periods, such as food servers, police officers, or cashiers. Stretching and strengthening exercises have been shown to significantly improve plantar fasciitis symptoms and reduce pain. There are specific plantar fasciitis exercises to relieve your heel pain, and when combined with a holistic treatment strategy that includes rest, icing and complementary interventions such as ART®, and cold laser therapy, you can be back on your feet quickly.

Plantar Fasciitis Exercises For Pain Relief

When your plantar fascia ligament is stressed, or overused, it can cause tears and inflammation. By stretching and strengthening the muscles that support the arch of your foot, your ligament can become more flexible, and reduce the stress load. If you warm up before sports, or do stretches when you first get out of bed in the morning, you can decrease the chances of inflammation and injury. Following are a few daily plantar fasciitis exercises you can do at home.

How To Stretch Your Plantar Fascia
Massaging or stretching the plantar fascia before you stand can effectively reduce heel pain. Apply gentle pressure to stretch your foot, but be sure to stop if you feel pain. Before standing, flex your foot toward and away from you at least 10x, stretch out your toes, and use a towel to create helpful resistance.

Plantar Fascia Massage

  • Use a frozen water bottle to reduce inflammation. Stand, or sit in a chair, with one foot on the bottle.
  • Roll your foot forward and back from your heel to just under the ball of your foot. Do this 10x per foot, for two sets.

Heel Raises

  • Stand at the edge of a bottom step on the balls of your feet, with your heels hanging over.
  • With slow, controlled movements, gently lower your heels until you feel a calf stretch.
  • If you need extra assistance to maintain balance, hold on to a railing or other support.
  • Slowly rise back onto the balls of your feet. 
  • Do this 10x, then take a short rest between sets. Start with two sets per day.

Towel-Toe Scrunches

  • While seated, use only your toes, place your foot on a towel on the ground.
  • Spread your toes, then curl them inward to pull the towel toward your body.
  • Do this 10x, then take a short rest between sets. Start with two sets per day.

Calf Stretches

One of the best stretches for plantar fasciitis is a calf stretch using the gastrocnemius muscle. You can do this simple plantar fasciitis exercise anywhere you have a wall to support you. 

  • Face the wall and place your hand flat on it, with your feet planted on the ground.
  • Stretch your affected leg back, and bend your other leg at the knee. 
  • Lean toward the wall until you feel your calf muscle stretch.
  • Hold this for 30 seconds, then rest. You can do this up to six times daily.

When you’re done with your exercise routine, ice your foot to prevent further inflammation. 


Plantar Fasciitis Exercises From A Movement Therapist

The plantar fasciitis exercises mentioned above are intended to relieve pain, not cause more or intensify your pain sensations. If you experience increased discomfort, be sure to consult your medical practitioner. At Performance Health & Wellness, our chiropractors and movement therapists aim to empower patients with tools and resources so they can facilitate their own health. Our main focus is for our patients to move pain-free with ease and energy. Patients often ask us about non-surgical, and non-pharmacological alternatives to help reduce their pain such as Active Release Techniques. We are pleased that our clinical staff includes a Sports and Exercise Medicine Physician to consult on all available non-surgical treatment options such as specialized plantar fasciitis exercises. If you have pain from plantar fasciitis, please call us 1-949-476-1250 or fill out the online contact form to book a complimentary consultation.


Initially, you will have a consultation and examination with our dedicated team of Health and Wellness Specialists to determine the nature of your condition. If necessary, we will refer you for X-rays. Once we have conducted a thorough investigation and determined where the problem lies, we will offer you an individualized timeline and outlook so we can chart progress and return you to optimum health.

Plantar fasciitis pain is commonly accompanied by stiffness in the heel, and the pain can range from an ache to a sharp, burning sensation. This pain may occur suddenly or progress slowly over time. The inflamed plantar fascia often causes patients to experience these symptoms more in the morning, as soon as they get out of bed. It can also occur after standing or sitting for an extended period of time, or from climbing stairs.

Ignoring plantar fasciitis can result in chronic heel pain that hinders your regular activities. Untreated plantar fasciitis can result in impairments to feet, knees, hip, or back as you change your gait and posture to accommodate plantar fasciitis pain. In the most severe cases, surgery to relieve the pain of plantar fasciitis may be required. Our medical practitioners will assess your overall health to screen out any other conditions, help you learn how to manage your plantar fasciitis pain, and correct any underlying causes

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