How Cold Laser Therapy And Kinesio Taping Can Be Used Together For Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

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How Cold Laser Therapy And Kinesio Taping Can Be Used Together For Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

If you wake up in the morning and feel pain near your heel or if it hurts to run or climb stairs, you may have plantar fasciitis. The plantar fascia is a thick band of tissue that connects your toes to your heel to provide stability in the arch of the foot. When the plantar fascia becomes inflamed, it is called plantar fasciitis, and it is the most common form of heel pain. Although the exact cause of plantar fasciitis is unknown, it is believed that there may be a link to overuse and strain on the tissue, as well as a person’s arch shape. There are several forms of plantar fasciitis treatment available, and some of these treatments can be combined to offer better results


Plantar Fasciitis Treatments: Cold Laser Therapy And Kinesio Taping

What Is Kinesio Taping?
Kinesio Taping
helps to provide support to the foot and take pressure off the arch of the foot. This helps to reduce plantar fasciitis pain by facilitating proper muscle function of the foot. Kinesio Taping also lifts the skin to help decompress the layers of the fascia and facilitate the movement of lymphatic fluids, which can help to decrease pressure on the plantar fascia. Although you can apply Kinesio tape yourself as a form of plantar fasciitis treatment, you should first consult with a trained professional. They will tell you if Kinesio Taping will help relieve your pain and they will show you how to position the tape for ideal support.

What Is Cold Laser Therapy?
Also called Low-Level Laser Therapy, this plantar fasciitis treatment uses a low-energy laser beam to stimulate the body’s natural healing process. The cold laser is placed over the area of treatment and penetrates the skin to reach the inflamed tissue. The laser used during Cold Laser Therapy does not feel hot (hence the name). This allows the laser to pass through the skin to the underlying tissues without causing any damage or pain to the skin. The lightwaves from the laser stimulate the injured tissue below the skin and encourage rapid cell growth and increased blood flow, which helps more oxygen and nutrients reach the damaged tissue and encourage healing.

Read here to learn more about the benefits Cold Laser Therapy offers for plantar fasciitis treatment and other conditions.

How Can Kinesio Taping And Cold Laser Therapy Work Together?
Combining the healing properties of Cold Laser Therapy and the pain relief and decreased pressure provided by Kinesio Taping can facilitate effective healing. These two treatments provide increased blood flow and mechanical support to the plantar fascia for quick and effective healing. The combination of the two practices offers healing and pain relief together.

Other plantar fasciitis treatments are also available at Performance Health And Wellness.
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Plantar Fasciitis Treatment In Irvine, California

If you have plantar fasciitis, you don’t need to live with the pain. At Performance Health And Wellness, we offer a variety of chiropractic services to relieve soft tissue and musculoskeletal pain, including Cold Laser Therapy and Kinesio Taping. Other chiropractic techniques can also be used, and our experienced and highly trained staff will work with you to determine which treatment is most effective for you. To speak with Performance Health And Wellness about plantar fasciitis treatments, call 1-949-476-1250 or fill out the online contact form and start living a pain-free life.


Ignoring plantar fasciitis can result in chronic heel pain that hinders your regular activities. Untreated plantar fasciitis can result in impairments to feet, knees, hip, or back as you change your gait and posture to accommodate plantar fasciitis pain. In the most severe cases, surgery to relieve the pain of plantar fasciitis may be required. Our medical practitioners will assess your overall health to screen out any other conditions, help you learn how to manage your plantar fasciitis pain, and correct any underlying causes

The number of treatment sessions you will need will depend on the nature of your injury or your condition. For acute injuries, you may be required to receive 5-10 sessions of therapy whereas more chronic injuries will require 10-20 sessions.

Yes. The tape used for Kinesio Taping is a specific type of elastic tape that is designed to safely hold the skin and muscles in place. The tape used is called Kinesio Tex Tape and the type you need depends on your injury and skin sensitivity. Do not use ordinary tape in place of Kinesio tape and do not use Kinesio tape without the instructions of a trained professional.

Connect With Our Team, Connect With Yourself

If you are seeking solutions to find complete wellness and to feel empowered to live your healthiest life, Performance Health & Wellness is the ideal partner on your journey. With a spectrum of comprehensive services to help you find balance and to feel good, our expert team is here to guide you.

Connect with yourself by connecting with the team at Performance Health & Wellness. Call (949)476-1250.

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