What Is Movement Therapy?

What Is Movement Therapy?

Whether you have suffered an injury, feel stiffness in your joints, struggle to perform the activities you love due to fitness levels, or any kind of motion impairment, Movement Therapy can help. This form of physical therapy incorporates more movement than traditional physical rehabilitation therapy, and it is often used either after a person has already started physical rehabilitation or when a person is trying to improve their general fitness performance. Movement Therapy is performed by a chiropractor or a movement therapist so that all movements are safe and effective while addressing the appropriate areas and the root cause of pain, stiffness, and immobility.

What To Know About Movement Therapy

What Is Movement Therapy?
Movement Therapy is the missing link between physical rehabilitation and everyday life. This form of functional fitness can help improve strength, mobility, and joint function. A Movement Therapy program is custom created by a chiropractor and movement therapist to work with your body’s ability while pushing you just enough to help develop strength and mobility. By using dynamic movement, this form of physical therapy helps to gradually stretch the body and utilize different muscle groups to facilitate functional fitness. A Movement Therapy plan is carefully curated by your chiropractor or movement therapist to address the underlying issues that would otherwise limit performance and predispose you to injury.

Who Benefits From Movement Therapy?
Anyone! Movement Therapy can be used to help people who are recovering from injury to regain their motion and rebuild the strength that may have been lost either due to the injury itself or during the required rest during the healing period. Movement Therapy can also be used to help people who have become stiff in the joints or who have fallen out of their workout routine and have lost the strength and mobility they used to have. Movement Therapy can even be used by athletes who are in good health and fitness as a way to help train for their next athletic ventures, such as a marathon or athletic competition. Because Movement Therapy programs are customized, they can be used for anyone, no matter their situation or physical limitations. 

What Are The Benefits Of Movement Therapy?
This form of physical therapy doesn't only benefit the body, it also benefits the mind. Movement Therapy empowers people by creating a way for them to reconnect with their sense of movement, especially if that movement has been limited by injury, age, or stiffness. Because Movement Therapy is customized and is designed to work with your body and find ways to increase fitness while still being engaging and dynamic, it helps you better understand your body, build kinesthetic awareness, and take ownership of your fitness. By taking time for this personalized functional fitness therapy, patients tend to feel better both physically and mentally.

Get Moving And Feel Better With Movement Therapy

If you are ready to improve your health and mobility, it’s time to start Movement Therapy. This form of fitness works with your body to safely increase your range of motion and decrease pain. At Performance Health And Wellness, our chiropractors and movement therapists will speak with you and perform an assessment before developing a customized Movement Therapy plan. They will then work with you to ensure you are moving correctly and safely while teaching you about your dynamic fitness routine in relation to your body. At Performance Health And Wellness, we focus on collaborative practices and will speak with you every step of the way while we help you improve your fitness and health. To start your Movement Therapy program, either call Performance Health and Wellness at 1-949-476-1250 or fill out the online contact form.


Yes, Movement Therapy can be combined with various other forms of chiropractic care. For example, if you are recovering from an injury, you may want to combine Movement Therapy with Active Release Techniques. Or if you are using Movement Therapy to improve your overall wellness, you may also want to consider Functional Medicine to achieve whole health.

Yes, Movement Therapy can be used by anyone who wants to improve their health and fitness. Even very healthy and fit athletes benefit from Movement Therapy.

No. While some forms of Movement Therapy can incorporate dance elements, dance and Movement Therapy are not synonymous. Movement Therapy uses specific actions that address your targeted area of improvement as well as your overall wellness and is a medically recognized treatment.

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