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At Performance Health & Wellness, our team values your feedback. We like to follow up with our patients after each visit to ensure that all their needs were met. We also like to assess how we’re performing, to better understand where we might improve if necessary. We encourage all our patients to leave online reviews about their experience at our clinic. Our goal at Performance Health & Wellness is to provide the very best experience to our clients, and we hope that by providing us with comments and suggestions on how we are doing, we can continue working to make things better.

Scott Foster

I went to see Dr. Chris Barney about some shoulder pain that was stopping me from swimming. I was VERY skeptical about chiropractic care in general but several swimmers I know, including one who works in physical therapy, gave Dr. Barney their full endorsement. At the initial visit, Dr Barney took plenty of time to examine me and diagnose the situation. He was able to show me what was going on with pictures (see attached). He uses Active Release Technique (He’s not a stereotypical back cracker) and a targeted strength training program, and BOY HAS HE PRODUCED RESULTS!! After three weeks, I am back in the pool swimming upwards of two miles a day with no pain. This is the first time in months I’ve been able to swim pain-free. See the difference in shoulder symmetry in the before and after pictures attached. I know I have some progress to go but I am extremely encouraged with the results so far.

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Debbi Pack

I have had a great experience with Dr. Barney, and the entire team at Performance Health and Wellness, including the front office staff; the friendly and competent Brianna and Angela.

I was having knee pain resulting from playing too much tennis. After working for about a month with Dr. Barney, Dr. Fraser, and movement therapists Matt Holbert, and Alex, I’m pain-free and I’m even seeing improvement in my tennis. I’m getting to the ball faster, I’m more balanced when I get there, which is resulting in my having more confidence…And I have actually experienced the feeling of “floating” on the court!

Learning what it takes to get the appropriate muscles to fire has been life-changing. I no longer worry about having to give up tennis to save my knees. Thanks, Performance Health and Wellness!

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Stuart Palley

Dr. Barney and Frazier are amazing! I work out next door and have been in for back, shoulder, and neck adjustments. The front desk staff are great and they all keep me functioning at peak performance and pain-free. The first time I went in for an adjustment it was like Dr. Frazier was able to zero in on the exact area that was bothering me, and accordingly, adjust it and help prescribe stretched and exercises to keep my shoulders in good shape. Thanks!

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Diane Pashai

I highly recommend Dr. Barney and his amazing staff. Anytime I’m injured or something doesn’t feel right in my body, its the first place i call and make an appt. As an athlete, it makes me happy to know and trust the team here to get me healthy again.

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Chris Boyd

Performance Health & Wellness is a fantastic facility. Dr. Fraser is the man! He identified the source of my lower back pain and within a few weeks, I was pain-free. The staff here understands athletic performance, which really sets this place apart. Highly recommended.

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Ashley Fama

Loved my experience at Performance Health & Wellness! I’ve been in twice (so far) seeing both Dr. Barney and Dr. Fraser and left both times feeling better than when I went in. Not only is the entire staff beyond helpful and knowledgeable, but everyone there (from the office staff to the doctors themselves) takes the time to get to know you and truly understand why you’re there and how best to help. It’s genuine and rare and so glad that I found it.

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Jeanne Isaacs

My overall experience with the Performance Health and Wellness team has been excellent. I have been treated for neck, shoulder, and knee issues over the years utilizing the chiropractic, ART, and physical therapy services offered by Dr. Barney and his highly qualified staff. Dr. Barney has an amazing talent for applying his skills and innate understanding of the body to identify an issue and relieve pain. I continue to recommend Dr. Barney to anyone experiencing specific muscle or joint pain, or wishing to improve overall health through nutrition, supporting proper posture, or just maintaining functionality. Dr. Barney and his team deserve an A+ !!!

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Max Gelb

Dr. Barney and Dr. Fraser are great! I had never been to a chiro before and was apprehensive, but they were patient, communicative, and knowledgeable. Their combo of ART and chiro treatment has been very helpful for me, and I would highly recommend them!

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Shellay Glatz

I’ve had about 3 visits at this location and the entire team at Performance Health & Wellness has been nothing but accommodating, kind and so helpful. I struggle with chronic pain and, for the first time in a really long time, feel like the team genuinely is in it to help see a result. Dr. Barney is very knowledgeable, takes his time, and has listened to my feedback as we’ve gotten through sessions. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this place! I’ve already started feeling better and feel confident the process will continue. Thank you to Dr. Barney and the whole team for being so helpful and kind!

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Robert Giaimo

Dr. Barney and his team have been game-changer in my physical life. His level of skill, experience and pinpoint therapeutic Active release technique has taken my back from a 2 ( lots of pain) to a 7/8 and rising with increased mobility and dramatically decreased pain
I believe he is unique in his field & to the extent that I have invested in traveling from Washington to LA to engage his services.
He’s backed up by a terrific REHAB team led by Alex which completes the program.

Dr. Barney is hands-on very directive and a difference-maker for my healing!

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