Nerve Pain

Nerve Pain

If you suffer from nerve pain, you are not alone. There are over 100 types of nerve damage, and it can be excruciating. A pinched nerve is usually caused by disc issues in the spine, putting pressure on the spinal nerves, resulting in pain. Where you feel pain depends on where it is being pinched. Our team of Doctors of Chiropractic can conduct a thorough and effective assessment of your nerve pain and deliver a treatment plan customized specifically for your symptoms, conditions, and goals for wellness.

Are You Suffering From Nerve Pain?

Nerve pain is also known as neuropathic pain. Those who suffer often describe the level and sensation of pain to be indescribable and nearly impossible to relieve themselves. Neuropathy can be caused by injury or disease and is primarily indicative of damage to the nerves.

What are the symptoms of a Pinched Nerve?

  • Pain, usually in the lower back, neck, or legs
  • Radiation pain that travels down an extremity
  • Tingling or numbness
  • A burning sensation
  • Weakness in the limbs during activities

We Can Help

At Performance Health & Wellness, we focus on eliminating the root cause of the pain and restoring you to full health. Chiropractors will use spinal adjustments in combination with other therapies such as heat/cold therapy, stretching, and exercise to help your body to heal and work as it should.

ART for Optimal Health

Active Release Therapy (ART) is a specialized movement-based massage technique used to treat a spectrum of injuries of soft tissue. We believe in measurable results offered by ART for a variety of conditions. The entire team at Performance Health & Wellness are ART certified at the highest Level and Dr. Christian Barney is a lead instructor on the board of education for ART.

Let us show you how ART can help you live your best life. Call (949) 476-1250.

Your Concerns, Our Solutions

We have carefully cultivated a compendium of treatments and technologies to address the health concerns of our patients. Read more about the conditions we can treat and the effective and measurable solutions we offer to help our patients achieve healing and optimal health.

Top Chiropractors In Irvine California

Top Chiropractors In Irvine California

Performance Health & Wellness is a full-service Wellness Facility located in Irvine California. Our team of Chiropractors, Active Release Technique Practitioners, Movement Therapists, and Wellness Therapists will support you on your journey to energized movement and comprehensive health and wellness.

Connect with us today to achieve your goals for complete health.

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Connect With Our Team, Connect With Yourself

If you are seeking solutions to find complete wellness and to feel empowered to live your healthiest life, Performance Health & Wellness is the ideal partner on your journey. With a spectrum of comprehensive services to help you find balance and to feel good, our expert team is here to guide you.

Connect with yourself by connecting with the team at Performance Health & Wellness. Call (949)476-1250.

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