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Sprains & Strains

Sprains and strains are injuries to the musculoskeletal system that are commonly diagnosed conditions. A sprain is an injury to the tendons around a joint, whereas a strain is a stretch or tear of a muscle or tendon in the area where it is turning into a muscle. They can cause considerable pain and discomfort, significantly limit activity and mobility, and adversely affect the overall quality of life. Since sprains indicate an injury to a ligament and strains involve tears in muscle tissue, Chiropractic care is an appropriate and highly effective treatment route to take for these injuries.

The ultimate goal of Chiropractic care is precisely that – treating disorders involving joints, muscles, or ligaments.

Sprains And Strains: What Is The Difference?


Ligaments are tough bands of connective tissue that surround your joints. A membrane that is filled with synovial fluid also encases your joints. The role of this fluid is to lubricate your joint and help to nourish, support, and provide cushioning against impact. When an injury causes small tears to your ligaments, your joint suffers a sprain.  Ankles, knees, and wrists are the most common sites of sprains. 


The connective tissues that attach your muscles to your bones are called tendons. A muscle strain refers to an injury sustained by your muscles or tendons. The most common areas to experience muscle strain are your calf muscles, groins, and hamstrings.

How Do We Treat Sprains and Strains?

At Performance Health & Wellness, we utilize chiropractic care and other exercises and holistic treatment to stabilize your sprain/strain and get your mobility back quickly and safely. If you think you have a strain or sprain that needs treatment, call us today to set up an appointment.

ART for Optimal Health

Active Release Therapy (ART) is a specialized movement-based massage technique used to treat a spectrum of injuries of soft tissue. We believe in measurable results offered by ART for a variety of conditions. The entire team at Performance Health & Wellness are ART certified at the highest Level and Dr. Christian Barney is a lead instructor on the board of education for ART.

Let us show you how ART can help you live your best life. Call (949) 476-1250.

Your Concerns, Our Solutions

We have carefully cultivated a compendium of treatments and technologies to address the health concerns of our patients. Read more about the conditions we can treat and the effective and measurable solutions we offer to help our patients achieve healing and optimal health.

Top Chiropractors In Irvine California

Top Chiropractors In Irvine California

Performance Health & Wellness is a full-service Wellness Facility located in Irvine California. Our team of Chiropractors, Active Release Technique Practitioners, Movement Therapists, and Wellness Therapists will support you on your journey to energized movement and comprehensive health and wellness.

Connect with us today to achieve your goals for complete health.

Call us at (949) 476-1250.

Connect With Our Team, Connect With Yourself

If you are seeking solutions to find complete wellness and to feel empowered to live your healthiest life, Performance Health & Wellness is the ideal partner on your journey. With a spectrum of comprehensive services to help you find balance and to feel good, our expert team is here to guide you.

Connect with yourself by connecting with the team at Performance Health & Wellness. Call (949)476-1250.

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