Is Functional Medicine the Future of Health Care?

Is Functional Medicine the Future of Health Care?

The future of health care is evolving as people become more interested in a proactive and preventative strategy to achieving whole health. Functional medicine combines the best elements of both conventional and alternative therapies. This holistic approach empowers patients with tools and resources so they can facilitate their own health, and is increasingly popular. In the functional medicine model, patients who are frustrated with finding neither answers nor relief to persistent health problems begin to uncover the root of dysfunction with the help of a qualified practitioner. Functional medicine patients benefit from a symbiotic blend of conventional medicine, biomedical testing, and alternative therapies to manage chronic illness, to uncover underlying health conditions, and to increase ease of movement.

Functional Medicine Offers Tailored Health Solutions

In a connected world where emerging technologies are rapidly changing how we live, work, and play, humans have come to expect customized solutions to their needs. It makes sense, then, to consider the human body as a whole made up of multiple interconnected systems, and to address health and well-being from a preventative and personalized perspective. Each part of our beautiful internal system contributes to our overall health condition, which is why functional medicine is most effective as an investigative journey between patient and practitioner.  

In order for good health to prevail and to achieve profound, lasting results, our bodies require an optimal environment, positive thoughts, and clean food and water. Most health conditions can be impacted by early intervention in lifestyle choices and appropriate health care steps. Functional medicine emphasizes doing what we need to - now - in order to enjoy higher quality of living in the future.

Functional Medicine: More Than One-Size-Fits-All
There is a typical 15-20 year gap between the initial scientific discovery of a medical treatment and its actual application in the medical field. Using solid scientific breakthroughs, functional medicine practitioners have reduced that gap dramatically. As early adopters of innovative techniques and knowledge, functional medicine practitioners often achieve illness resolution with superior results not previously uncovered. We are seeing a shift in the health care paradigm, as people want to feel more in control of their day-to-day experience and live their best lives. 

People are waking up to the idea that the complex systems of the human body require a complete analysis of root causes of illness and a patient-centric, rather than disease-centric approach. We all have distinctive genetic and biochemical features, so a ‘one size fits all’ generic diagnosis and treatment is less than optimal. Functional medicine is the future of health care, as it uses a systems, biology–based approach to identify steps to obtain optimal wellness and stop disease in its tracks. Functional medicine treatments are highlyindividualized and involve analysis, personalized recommendations, and patient education. 

Why Functional Medicine IS The Future of Health

Functional medicine is a patient-centered form of health care that is based on a set of principles that identify the body as being designed to function as an interconnected system. It offers much promise in a world where so many are suffering through long-term or unidentified illnesses needlessly. 

If you are discouraged or frustrated with trying to feel better through the “one-size-fits-all” conventional approach, book a consultation to see a functional medicine doctor in Irvine, California at Performance Health and Wellness. Our health care team will help uncover the source of your health concerns and customize lifestyle recommendations to support your health journey. Our highly-qualified practitioners will work with you to create a customized plan involving fitness, health, and therapeutic strategies. If you would like to find long-term solutions that will support your on-going health today, starting with a consultation, call 1-949-476-1250 or fill out the online contact form.


Functional medicine is not focused solely on treating symptoms, but on identifying and treating the root cause. At Performance Health & Wellness, you will have longer appointments with the doctor, advanced biomedical testing (blood, saliva, urine, and/or stool), and nutrition and fitness strategies to address your unique health status. You will be evaluated for signs of disability, disease, or dysfunction, including how your body absorbs nutrients or rids itself of toxins, your immune system functions and inflammatory responses. Individual treatment options will be recommended to address the imbalances you are experiencing to help you live your healthiest life.

Functional medicine is often recommended for the treatment of conditions that are often difficult to diagnose and treat. Many common illnesses have been shown to benefit from functional medicine as a preventative measure and as an effective treatment and management tool. Functional medical practitioners can address complex, multi-faceted health concerns including insomnia, depression, chronic pain and inflammation, autoimmune diseases, hormonal imbalance, headaches and migraines (learn more about possible food triggers for migraines here), weight gain, food sensitivities and intolerances, thyroid conditions, and adrenal fatigue. Read more about functional medicine here.

Functional medicine is holistic in how patients are considered and includes the core concepts of naturopathic medicine, plus it uses the foundations of conventional medicine to address underlying causes with science-based knowledge. A functional medicine doctor analyzes which systems in the body are underperforming and then creates effective strategies to help restore normal function to those areas.

Connect With Our Team, Connect With Yourself

If you are seeking solutions to find complete wellness and to feel empowered to live your healthiest life, Performance Health & Wellness is the ideal partner on your journey. With a spectrum of comprehensive services to help you find balance and to feel good, our expert team is here to guide you.

Connect with yourself by connecting with the team at Performance Health & Wellness. Call (949)476-1250.

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